Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Directed
Power Dozer Operational Capability Integration Demonstration

Supporting Mission Critical Operations, National Training Center, Ft. Irwin, California

The Power Dozer Side-Casting Blade Technology is a mechanized earth-moving system that is highly productive, maintainable and robust. The system allows continuous loading and unloading of material at a rate unattainable by other means.

To allow the National Training Center to explore the potential utility of the side-casting blade technology in a range of operations.
• Demonstrate Power Dozer in desert conditions
• Demonstrate offensive, defensive and general
- engineering applications
• Pursue the vision and imagination of the NTC
- Operations Group in pushing this technology to
--its limits.

"No longer will the commander be
restricted to a smaller, less than adequate project because the
equipment ... cannot accomplish the mission
in a timely manner."

- 11th Armored
Cavalry Regiment
Force Multiplier Power Dozer

The Power Dozer operating in real-world scenarios significantly exceeded the productivity and capability of currently deployed military assets in:
• Earth-Construction (horizontal) (force
• Rapid breaching of obstacles (counter
--obstacle operations)
• Rapid Clearing Operations
• Rapid earth-moving in support of force entry
• Egress operations (restoring terrain)

• Speeds survivability operations
• Force multiplier
• Ease of training
• Operator friendly
• Maintenance friendly
• Off-the-shelf components
• Multi-faceted capabilities/taskings
• Operational process places far less strain on
- mechanical parts

• Power Dozer shaped the battlefield to
--effect Force Protection through
- survivability and counter-mobility
- operations
• Power Dozer quickly mobilized and
- executed semi-permanent training
- sites for enduring purposes under
- extreme and varying soil conditions
• Power Dozer exceeded all
- expectations with respect to
- performance rates, flexibility,
- adaptability without mechanical
- breakdown or suspension of work
• Power Dozer consumed 75% less fuel
- than a force of standard dozers during
- operations at the NTC

• Power Dozer consistently exceeds
- expectations
• Earthmoving rate is unmatched
• Effectively assumes the roles of
--numerous earthmoving machines,

• Swift to flex to new missions and conditions
• Fewer assets to move to achieve optimal
--effort (smaller footprint)
• Least friendly exposure

• No operations suspended under
- challenging desert conditions
• No mechanical failures during demanding
- mission-critical operations
• No downward mission creep, in fact,
--projects were scaled up

The Power Dozer:
• Unmatched in battle field shaping,
--reliability and versatility
• Provides multi-dimensional protection to
--the force
• Significantly exceeds the capability of
--currently deployed military assets in
--real-world scenarios
• Full range of military capabilities yet to be
--explored and exploited

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