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COMMERCIAL As a side-caster, the Power Dozer minimizes environmental damage. When stripping topsoil, quality of separation is unequaled and accomplished with good integration of organic material, without pulverization.


Topsoil Stripping



Decontamination & HAZMAT Clean-up

Power Dozer stripping topsoil The Power Dozer moves the earth in one lateral direction permitting the unit to handle very narrow rights-of-way.

The speed at which the belt sidecasts the material is matched to the host platform’s forward speed so material is continuously unloaded.

This produces continuous forward motion while maintaining necessary depth.
Viking Power Dozer

The Power Dozer provides a better way of moving earth. It’s faster and more efficient than any conventional machine on the market. As a backfiller or a side-caster for stripping and relocating topsoil, the Power Dozer is the most efficient method available. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

As a backfiller, the Power Dozer ensures a controlled flow of material, the fine particles tend to flow ahead, under and around both sides of the pipe. Larger chunks of material have a tendency to spread to the far side of the ditch where they will not damage the pipeline coating. LEARN MORE ABOUT BACKFILLING.

On a pipeline, the job isn’t finished until the land is restored to its natural state. Relocation is achieved with minimal mix of clays and topsoils. The soil is put back evenly with minimal compaction. FIND OUT MORE.

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